The City receives monies to support the maintenance and repair of local streets through two funding sources. One is a local millage and the other is state weight and gas tax distributions. State of Michigan Public Act 51 State provides guidelines for use of state funding under the local supervision of an appointed Street Administrator. The Street Administrator for the City of Chelsea is Planning & Zoning Director/Engineer Christine Linfield.

Service Information
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City Street Map
The following map identifies all streets within the Chelsea City limits and their classification for State funding and support.

2012 Chelsea Street Map
Sweeping & Plowing
The City of Chelsea maintains a General Ordinance regarding no parking on City streets between 2am and 5am daily.  This time is dedicated to the City Public Works Department for street sweeping and snow plowing.  The City recognizes that there will be special circumstances (for example, construction or driveway work) requiring the need for overnight street parking.  The City will issue a temporary parking permit for short periods of time in these instances. You can obtain a temporary parking permit at the Chelsea Police Department at 311 S. Main Street.

The City has several areas that have mailbox posts installed at the curb.  These mailboxes conflict with snow plows and street sweepers if too close to the curb.  The City Council has adopted the Washtenaw County Road Commission's 'Procedures for the Installation of Mailboxes and Newspaper Delivery Boxes'.  The City cannot be held liable for damage to mailboxes or newspaper delivery boxes that do not comply with this procedure. The link below describes the Washtenaw County Road Commission policy on delivery boxes. 

Procedures for the Installation of Mailboxes and Newspaper Delivery Boxes
The City uses the State PASR system to monitor, rate and prioritize repairs of the local street system. Due to the cost of street repairs, the City sets goals annually to complete certain projects based on available funds.

  • Buchanon & Filmore Streets
  • Taylor Street
  • Industrial Drive
Under Consideration
  • To Be Determined
Recently Completed or Ongoing 
  • Jackson Street Improvement/Longworth Alley
  • Congdon Street
  • Flanders/Wenley Streets
  • Jefferson Street
  • DDA Streetscape Project