Brush & Leaves

The Public Works Department picks up brush placed along the street-side curb extension.  Scheduled brush pickup starts on the second Monday of the month.  Crews pick up different size materials at different times that week due to the equipment required. 

  • Place loose, dime-size or smaller sticks in a biodegradable bag or in a container that can be dumped.  Please do not use plastic bags!
  • Stack larger branches and limbs (not bigger than four inches in diameter) with the large, cut ends facing the same direction for ease of moving.
  • Remove all roots, stumps and dirt from branches and limbs.
  • Do not include grass clippings, weeds, plants, yard rakings, sod or dirt. Public Act 264 of 1990 "Yard Clippings Diversion Act" prohibits lawn clippings from being placed with your garbage and brush.

Pickup times and routes vary based on other work scheduled for the week.

If brush is not along the street side curb extension when the crews move through an area, it will not be picked up until the following month.  If you miss brush pickup, you can transport your brush to the Solid Waste Department (located on Werkner Road) Wednesday through Saturday weekly—watch the City Newsletter for holiday scheduling!

A compost pile is available at the Solid Waste Department for the deposit of leaves, weeds, plants, yard rakings and grass clippings.  Please empty bags at the site.  There is no charge to residents for use of the compost pile.  Non-residents are charged $1.00 per bag.

You can also bring bags of brush to the Solid Waste Department.