Planning Commission

MembersPlanning Commission members are recommended by the Mayor and appointed by City Council to serve three-year terms.

 Claire Robinson
 Term-ending 6/30/26
 Laura Baker
 Term-ending 06/30/24
 Julianne Chard
 Term-ending 06/30/26
 Vince Elie
 Term-ending 06/30/26
 Sarah Haselschwardt
 Term-ending 06/30/24
 Heather Hunnell
 Term-ending 06/30/26
 Wade Lehman
 Term-ending 06/30/25
Marcia White
Term-ending 06/30/25
Tony Iannelli
Council Liaison

                                                             Vacant Member
 Term-ending 06/30/2025


Meetings & Minutes The Planning Commission holds a work session the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building at 311 S. Main Street.  A Planning Commission meeting is held the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building at 311 S. Main Street.  Public attendance is welcomed. 

2024 Planning Commission Calendar

Planning Commission By-Laws
Recorded broadcasts of Planning Commission meetings also air on Chelsea’s public access television station—Channel 18.  Please refer to the Channel 18 broadcast schedule for specific dates and times.  The broadcast for the most recent meeting typically takes 24-48 hours to air.

Draft meeting minutes are posted following each meeting.  Minutes for meetings since January 2004 are available online by clicking the archives below.  Agendas and minutes prior to January 2004 are available by request through the City Clerk.  Please use the City’s freedom of information act (FOIA) forms under the City Clerk page to make those requests.


02/21/24 Regular Meeting Packet
02/06/24 Work Session Meeting Packet
01/23/24 Regular Meeting Packet Minutes
01/09/24 Work Session meeting Packet

12/19/23 Regular Meeting Packet Minutes
12/05/23 Work Session meeting Packet Minutes
11/21/23 Cancelled meeting More...
11/07/23 Work Session meeting Packet
10/17/23 Cancelled meeting More...
10/03/23 Work Session meeting Packet
09/19/23 Cancelled Meeting More...
09/06/23 Work Session meeting Packet
08/15/23 Regular meeting Packet Minutes
08/01/23 Cancelled meeting More...
07/18/23 Cancelled meeting More...
07/11/23 Cancelled meeting More...
06/20/23 Cancelled meeting More...
06/06/23 Cancelled meeting More...
05/16/23 Regular meeting Packet Minutes
05/02/23 Cancelled meeting More...
04/18/23 Regular meeting Packet Minutes
04/04/23 Work Session  meeting Packet Minutes
03/21/23 Regular meeting Minutes
03/07/23 Cancelled meeting More...
02/22/23 Cancelled meeting More...
02/07/23 Work Session meeting Packet Minutes
01/24/23 Regular meeting Packet Minutes
01/10/23 Work Session Packet Minutes

12/20/22 Regular meeting Packet Minutes
12/06/22 Regular meeting Packet Minutes
11/29/22 Regular meeting Packet Minutes
11/01/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
10/18/22 Regular meeting Minutes More...
10/04/22 Cancelled meeting Packet
09/20/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
09/07/22 Cancelled meeting More...
08/11/22 Special Meeting Agenda Minutes More...
08/02/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
07/19/22 Regular meeting Agenda Minutes
07/06/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
06/21/22 Regular meeting Minutes More...
06/07/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
05/17/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
05/03/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
04/19/22 Regular meeting Packet
04/05/22 work session Packet
03/15/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
03/01/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
02/15/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
02/01/22 Cancelled meeting Agenda
01/19/22 Regular meeting More...
01/04/22 Regular meeting Packet