Community Public Safety Strategic Planning Group

Strategic Planning Group Plan Overview
Minutes and Agendas
Name of Committee: Community Public Safety Strategic Planning Group
Purpose and Goals:
Community Public Safety Strategic Planning Group (SPG) should create a strategic plan for and
with the Chelsea Police Department to ensure that the mission and vision of the Chelsea Police
Department (CPD) is in alignment with that of the City’s.
The SPG shall engage a subject-matter expert (SME) to assist with the creation of the strategic
plan. The strategic plan be crafted in such a way that it segments the goals into pieces to be
undertaken over a period of time to be determined through the planning process. By doing so, a
long-term process and budget can be formed, with priorities set for the initial and subsequent
phases. In order to create an effective strategic plan, it will be necessary to undertake an
assessment of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the department with a broad
range of stakeholders including neighboring communities/townships, internal staff and the
school district footprint. This will allow the city to identify current and future needs. Linking the
strategic plan to the annual planning and budget cycles will be important.
The SPG shall refer to the comprehensive recommendations outlined in the full, final
Community Public Safety Task Force report dated June 1, 2022 and accepted by City Council on
June 6, 2022.

The Strategic Planning Group will be granted a year one budget not to exceed $25,000 at the
start of fiscal year 2022-2023

July 5, 2022 or July 18, 2022: Council approves creation of Community Public Safety Strategic
Planning Group
August 15, 2022 or September 6, 2022: Council appoints Strategic Planning Group members
Estimated start date of strategic planning process to line up with new Chief of Police hire date
(estimated to be Fall 2022)
Estimated amount of time to develop a comprehensive strategic plan is approximately one year
Strategic Planning Group member term to be eighteen months or sooner.

The seven (7) member Strategic Planning Group to be structured as follows:
- City Staff will attend meetings and support Strategic Planning Group
- There will be 2 co-chairs (Chief of Police and one other assigned by members)
- Members shall be comprised of the following:

  • Chelsea Police Department - Chief of Police
  • 1 City Council Member
5 Community Members (in addition a youth liaison should be considered to ensure their voice is represented)