Tax & Assessing

Board of Review

Calendar of Upcoming Board of Review Meetings:
July Board of Review - July 18, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.
December Board of Review - December 12, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.


The City of Chelsea Board of Review is a three-member board supported by the City Assessor that hears and determines appeals of property assessments in sessions that begin each year in March. If you disagree with your current property assessment, you may appeal that assessment to the board. There is a formal submission process established annually by City Council.   The Washtenaw County Treasurer has published a brief guide outlining this process.  

Petitions must be submitted in advance for consideration. Board of Review meetings take place in March, July and December annually. Meetings dates are published and individual appointments are typically scheduled by the City Assessor upon request.

It is often helpful to contact the City Assessor in advance of meeting to discuss your concern and confirm documentation you should gather to make your appointment as effective as possible. You can reach the City Assessor all day Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at the City Offices or by calling 734-475-1771 and choosing extension 213.

March Board of Review

This is a once-a-year opportunity to appeal the value of your property.  The Board of Review meets the first and third weeks of March.  All taxpayers who wish to appeal the value of their property may do so by contacting the Assessor's Office to schedule an appointment during that time.  The City Assessor will mail all Board of Review decisions to the property owners following the end of the scheduled sessions.

July/December Board of Review

The July and December Boards of Review are designed to correct errors which may occur during the assessing process.  There are no hearings.  A meeting is scheduled for the Board to review the changes by the Assessor and approve them.  If you feel there is an error in your record card or your property assessment, contact the City Assessor to review your options.

Michigan Tax Tribunal

The State of Michigan has established a branch of government to help taxpayers receive a fair and just value on their property.  The process entails two steps:

1.  Appeal the value to the local Board of Review.  You must appeal to your local Board in March before your claim would be escalated to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. 

2.  Complete the Petition for Valuation or Tax Appeal through the State of Michigan.  The form can be found on the State of Michigan site or by navigating to the forms page of this site.