Community Services

Building Permits

The City of Chelsea Planning and Zoning department administers and enforces the Zoning ordinances for the City and issues permits for structural changes, uses and sign construction within the City.  The City of Chelsea has adopted the Michigan Building Codes and those codes are administered and enforced by the Chelsea Area Construction Agency (C.A.C.A.).  C.A.C.A. is a governmental agency created by an inter-local agreement between the City and the surrounding townships.

C.A.C.A. is funded entirely through revenues generated by inspection fees.  Agency headquarters are located at 12172 Jackson Rd. @ Fletcher Rd., Dexter, MI. C.A.C.A. Visit C.A.C.A's website at or contact them directly at 734-475-4420.

Property owners within the City must obtain a zoning permit for structural changes prior to contacting C.A.C.A. for a building permit.