Payment Methods

The City accepts cash, checks, or automatic bank withdrawals for utility services rendered. The City cannot accept payments by credit/debit card. Payments can be made in person at the City Offices from 8am to 4pm weekdays, with extended hours until 6pm on Monday, or at any time using the drop box located just outside the City Office main entrance.

You can also set up an automatic payment service through the City by filling out an authorization form available at the link below or at the City Office. The form must be mailed or returned to the City Offices. Using this process, the City will automatically withdraw the amount of your monthly bill from your requested bank account on the last day of the month (the due date). Once enrolled, *Direct Payment Do not pay* will print on the utility statement. 

Automatic Payment Form

Due Date

Utility charges are always due the last business day of the month for the previous months usage. Payment plan options are available (for example, quarterly payments). Contact the City Office to establish a payment plan and document the plan on your account.

Post-Dated Checks

The City is unable to accommodate post-dated checks submitted for payment of utilities. Checks presented for payment will be processed upon receipt. This is also the policy of our bank. We encourage residents to use our drop box or call the office to set up a payment plan if there is a concern regarding the timing of utility payments. Account holders can call the main City line (734-475-1771, option 4) any time during the initial greeting to speak with our utility billing department.

NSF Checks

Utility payments returned from the bank for non-sufficient funds (NSF) will result in a $25.00 to the account holder. The City records this charge directly on the utility account. Account holders are required to replace the check within five business days or the utility charges will be placed back on the utility account and will show as a past due balance on the next utility billing. If an account experiences three NSF payments the City will no longer accept personal checks or automatic payments from the account holder for services rendered for the next twelve months.