Planning & Zoning

Master Plan

This master plan (also referred to as a comprehensive plan) for the City of Chelsea is a vision for the city over the next twenty (20) years. The plan is developed through evaluation of data, trends, alternatives, and the vision local citizens have for their community. The plan’s underlying purpose is to guide the intensity and arrangement of land uses for the benefit of the community overall; identify areas that should remain generally the same and provide a guide for areas that are likely to change through new development or redevelopment.

In addition, the plan provides a framework for municipal facilities to support the desired land use pattern—streets, pathways, parks, utilities, and other city facilities. A link between land use and those facilities helps ensure wise allocation of public investments in capital improvements. A sound comprehensive plan helps ensure Chelsea remains a highly desirable community in which to live, work or visit.

This plan allows residents, business owners and developers to make investments with a reasonable expectation of what will happen in the future. In essence, the plan represents a balance between the sometimes competing interests of the environment, individual land owners, businesses and the community overall.

City of Chelsea Master Plan