Traffic Calming Campaign

With a new school year approaching, the City of Chelsea is launching a traffic calming and safety campaign. The goal of the campaign is to change driver behavior to improve safety, specifically:

1) Stops:  coming to a full stop at stop signs.

2) Signals: using turn signals properly.

3) Speeds: obeying traffic speeds.

To reinforce safe driving, biking and pedestrian safety, the Chelsea Police Department will have directed patrols at or near school buildings and other key intersections during the first week of September.

Attached you will also find a WalkBikeDriveSafe brochure with helpful safety tips for walking, biking and driving that can be shared with your family, neighbors or employees.  Also, keep an eye out on Channel 18 (local public access) and for informative Public Service Announcements (PSAs) with safety tips and reminders.

Also in September, the City will be installing pedestrian cross islands at various locations in town to enhance walkability and to further reduce speeds.

Our sincere thanks to all for helping enhance our great community!

Mayor and City Council