Sanitary Sewer Cleaning Notice

The City of Chelsea has contracted with a company named M&K Jetting and Televising to perform preventative maintenance by cleaning the City's sanitary sewers.  This will improve sewer performance and significantly reduce the chance for future sewer backups and related problems.

The cleaning process causes a vacuum in the sewer.  This will not affect most homes, but some homes may be affected that have inadequate or partially blocked drain vents.  The vacuum may cause "P-traps" (the little S shaped bend in the pipe under sinks and drains) to be sucked dry.  Should you notice a sewer smell resulting from this, run a little water in your drains to refill the P-traps.  It is recommended that you shut the water valve off to your toilet(s), put the toilet seat(s) down and cover floor drains with car mats on the days that the sewer cleaning is scheduled.  This will minimize any possible splashing of the P-trap water in homes that are poorly vented.  Please remember that the water that could come from this incident is from the toilet bowl or drain itself.

Notices will be hand delivered to residents when service is scheduled on their street.

Thank you for your continued patience and support.